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Requests from new peers for widely available descriptions would shrink the diversity of descriptions among peers, leading to a skewed description distribution as occurred from unadvised description dropping.
320), but the Prior rebukes him: "Peace, peace--thou rash and unadvised man; / Oh
Those with diagnosed medical and psychiatric conditions, drug dependency, those who with a history of behavioral problems requiring alternative care, and those who were otherwise unadvised by probation camp administrators were excluded from the study.
Attempting to balance one party's need to conduct pre-suit investigation by interviewing certain members of the opponent corporation against the organization's interest in preventing the unadvised disclosure of particular information, the Committee declined to adopt a rule that would prohibit all contacts with organizational employees no matter how removed from the conduct in question.
Howbeit, the nowe lightsommes (9) of that Spanish bodye applyes it selfe (without domestique impediments) to suche occasions, as give every particular member of the same enough to doe; while, in the meane tyme; wee have too muche cause to discerne, or rather, to foole the incommiodityes, which our unadvised Investors (or however they be called) have hurled (as it were) into our patrymony (10) on the other side againe, they are made to see, and (with greate happines) to enjoy the full ripe fruite, which the well ordained resolutions, of their beneficent forefathers have in producement.
The driver's unadvised persistence caused thousands of pounds' damage as his lorry brought down the walls of neighbouring properties as he struggled to navigate forwards.
See ARNOLD & MCINTYRE, supra note 63, at 17 (stating that a country using such a test "is likely to catch unsophisticated and unadvised individuals, some of which may not in fact have very substantial ties to that country").
Previously unadvised clients seem to be better educated now as a direct result of the internet and specialist sites allowing them to be more discerning', says Peter Lang, Director of English Furniture at Sotheby's, New York.
Therapeutic ultrasound and low-level laser have been shown to be ineffective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis (when compared to sham ultrasound and laser), and acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, ice, and heat have not been scrutinized in a randomized controlled trial at this point in time, so use of these therapies is either unadvised or should be carried out with the understanding that the literature does not support the use of these modalities.
She had played, single-handed and unadvised, a tricky game in a foreign country, and she had managed to realize from it the dearest wish of her heart.
48) On appeal, the accused asserted that he was unaware of the Article 32 waiver until after his court-martial, he "would not have authorized it had he known," and his counsel's unadvised waiver constituted ineffective assistance of counsel.