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Short-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency IDRs: 'B', unaffected
He said, "The people who are organizing the meeting are not important for us and we remain unaffected by it.
Drivers coming from the direction of Station Road or Matthew Bank will be unaffected.
French strike action has spread to ExxonMobil's 233,000 b/d Port Jerome and 117,000 b/d Fos refineries, but production remains unaffected.
Objective: To assess the frequency of Vitamin A deficiency among school going children (8-14 years) affected and unaffected by floods of 2010 in district Nowshera.
If needed, we will take decisions based on our local situation and the nationally-agreed NHS guidance for all trusts to provide cover, to ensure the care for our patients is unaffected and to minimise disruption to our services as far as possible.
Trust Certificate Issuance Programme unaffected at 'A'
A spokesman for KPMG said: "All tenants and operations at the centre are unaffected by the appointment of the Joint Administrators John Hansen and Ian Leonard of KPMG in Belfast.
Seventy percent of the value of deposits concerned overseas residents, leaving Cypriot households and businesses unaffected to a greater extent than was possibly expected," Central Bank of Cyprus Governor Panicos Demetriades told a news conference.
TORONTO - Macroencephaly was not significantly more common in twins with autism spectrum disorders than in their unaffected co-twins, according to data from 202 twin pairs presented at the meeting.
15%); unaffected by pressure and flow rate (the system is designed to be unaffected by changes in line pressure or flow rate); complete batch sampling (system starts and stops immediately in line with the loading or unloading cycle thereby producing a fully representative batch); and fully automatic (minimizes risk of operator induced errors).
A minibus service run by the businessman is unaffected but Mr Jones - who also runs Heart of Wales Bus and Coaches - told Facebook followers: "Following the decision of the traffic commissioner we have taken urgent steps to ensure that services are maintained as far as possible.