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And as the evening wears on, the audience's inhibitions lost, Marks' level of wit and intelligence really shines, unaffectedly buffering questions ranging from the brazen and provoking to the downright bizarre.
As a contestant on the show, Evancho catapulted into the quarter finals round when her unaffectedly pure performance of Puccini's "O Mio Babbino Caro" (one of Maria Callas's signature arias) handily won the show's YouTube round.
One of the residents helped him with that," Stacy Parkinson says, unaffectedly, "by using Depends and some duct tape.
One prays to Mary as the Virgin Mother of Christ and one invokes help at what Harry Potter himself so unaffectedly expects to encounter in the Forbidden Forest: death.
Even these opening portions reveal the basic mood of Pinsky's "explanation"--he speaks in the voice of a discursive poet he characterizes in The Situation of Poetry, as "talking, predicating, moving directly through a subject as systematically and unaffectedly as he would walk from one place to another" (1977, 133).
Palmer of role-playing: she "was not inclined, after a little observation, to give him credit for being so genuinely and unaffectedly ill-natured or ill-bred as he wished to appear.
In fact, though, it was a perfect choice because it's the option which probably best typifies the venue itself - undeniably retro and unaffectedly trendy.
Now, 20 years on and after a career he himself (with one of the biggest and warmest smiles you'll ever see) unaffectedly calls 'a miracle, man' the West Midlands is getting the chance to bathe in the glow of planet Acosta (and, yes, it's a heavenly body too).
The fairy tale, performed by an unaffectedly buoyant cast, now gets a well-deserved longer run after captivating all who caught it on its original off-Broadway stint last fall.
She had the ready laugh of a girl, and laughed with so much heartiness, and so unaffectedly, that she really seemed a young lass of sixteen.
Unaffectedly gifted and charismatic, Alik is also charmed: he brings laughter, sincerity, reconciliation.
They were dining regularly in my local Thai Restaurant; then they rented a neighbouring house just up the road; were limousined daily along my High Street and unaffectedly joined suburbia.