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And as the evening wears on, the audience's inhibitions lost, Marks' level of wit and intelligence really shines, unaffectedly buffering questions ranging from the brazen and provoking to the downright bizarre.
I sensed that Jack was touched by the feelings of self-doubt and hope that are expressed here so unaffectedly.
One of the residents helped him with that," Stacy Parkinson says, unaffectedly, "by using Depends and some duct tape.
Linda, unaffectedly chipper and empathetic, tries her best to remain nonjudgmental even when repeatedly confronted with evidence of Raymond's criminal tendencies and antisocial behavior.
Seeing it untouched, he recalls: "Why,' I added, unaffectedly starting, 'you have not even touched that money yet'" (z4, my emphasis).
He finally took leave of his pupils in an impressive address when they presented him with a mass of violets and an ornamental card from the students of each inn, with a kindly letter by which he was unaffectedly gratified.
One prays to Mary as the Virgin Mother of Christ and one invokes help at what Harry Potter himself so unaffectedly expects to encounter in the Forbidden Forest: death.
I could have ordered him out of the car or leapt out myself, but no, from my mouth, and so unaffectedly it was almost frightening, came the words, Where are you trying to get to?
I have seen the second volume of Moore's 'Life of Byron,' and though it can be matter of surprise to no one to find himself the object of the spleen of the noble author, yet I confess I am surprised at seeing myself so gratuitously offered up as a victim to the public--especially as Lord Byron's opinions on the subject of my little poems in the second volume are the exact converse of what they were in the first (61)--thereby demonstrating that whoever remained, ever so quietly and unaffectedly, the friend of Lady Byron, could not escape the malignity of her lord.
Even these opening portions reveal the basic mood of Pinsky's "explanation"--he speaks in the voice of a discursive poet he characterizes in The Situation of Poetry, as "talking, predicating, moving directly through a subject as systematically and unaffectedly as he would walk from one place to another" (1977, 133).
Palmer of role-playing: she "was not inclined, after a little observation, to give him credit for being so genuinely and unaffectedly ill-natured or ill-bred as he wished to appear.
The contour of the whole form, the turn and polish of a beautiful hand and arm, the richly-slippered and well-made foot on the pedal stops, the gentle motion of a lovely neck, and above all, the sweetly-tempered expression of an intelligent countenance; these are shown at one glance, when the fair performer is seated unaffectedly, yet gracefully, at the harp.