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org/Colorado_Unaffiliated_Elector,_Proposition_108_(2016)) provides unaffiliated voters with the option of choosing which party's primary to vote in.
When the 1,037,279 unaffiliated Shares tendered pursuant to the guaranteed delivery procedures are included in the results, approximately 22,812,832 unaffiliated Shares, or 55.
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company LLC, the depositary for the tender offer, has indicated that as of 12:00 Midnight, Eastern time, at the end of October 6, 2016, approximately 4,568,498 unaffiliated Shares, or 11.
Atkins' office said Atkins is sending it out because the Independent Party, in its first election as a major party in Oregon, has decided to open up its primary voting to unaffiliated voters.
The unaffiliated represent a compromise between being an atheist or an agnostic and holding onto a pure faith -- one unadulterated by a church's preoccupation with politics, power and money.
5 percentage points, Smith said the margin of error for the findings regarding the number of unaffiliated and the number of Protestants is 0.
The Fed's first proposed alternative for network routing requires at least two unaffiliated networks for each debit card, regardless of the authorization method supported by each network.
Among unaffiliated voters, however, she has captured only 10 percent.
75 percent of unaffiliated Catholics say they "just gradually drifted away" from the church but did not break over specific church policies.
This I did, giving each of the three unaffiliated members equal representation on committees of equal importance.
For example, data show that for 2003, the United States reported $420 million in unaffiliated imports of BPT services from India, while India reported approximately $8.