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I am sometimes amazed at how isolated and unaffirmed choir singers and church musicians can be.
She found his niceness too much to bear and longed for a stronger masculinity in him, the lack of which left her feeling deeply injured and unaffirmed in her femininity.
Those concerned with the management of schools and with the continuing professional development of the whole teaching staff may need to be particularly aware of the tendency for some feelers to feel unaffirmed by a career structure which appears to see promotion in terms of valuing the thinking perspective more than the feeling perspective.
A roof of governmental rules, no more; The pillars, the foundation and the floor Were unaffirmed, and so have given way.
6) in a number of West African and Haitian societies, yet never acknowledges any individual or group by name, location, or date, leaving readers only a bland composite ("they") that is apparently the product of his own experiences unsubstantiated and unaffirmed by any of the individuals on which he based his understanding of Vodou personhood.
Terruwe, Healing the Unaffirmed, Recognizing Emotional Deprivation Disorder (Staten Island, NY: St.
Too often, people give endlessly of their time and talents yet they go unnoticed and unaffirmed.
Team with Fran, yes he is a man, a squeaming royal rat and a couple of old 'has beens', one of whom is still named 'Huggy Bear', his true identity still remaining unaffirmed, and you have a whole host of 'who are they's?
Examples of these rights-in-trust are reproductive rights or right to have life protected from the consequences of unaffirmed religious beliefs (e.
Kane says that unaffirmed or unstrengthened students feel that they have no personal worth.