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The University of Mumbai (MU) has sent a five-year perspective plan (2018-23) to the state education ministry where their proposal is to establish new unaided colleges in Maharashtra.
New Delhi [India], September 6 ( ANI ): The Delhi High Court on Wednesday directed 98 private and unaided schools to refund 75 percent excess fee and deposit it in 10 days as cash/ Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) and bank guarantee with registrar.
Many reasons can be attributed to increase in dropout rates but one of the major causes might be the sudden non-accessibility of MDM scheme for unaided Christian minority schools.
However, some private unaided schools did a great job of assisting city transportation the previous time around.
DOCTORS have issued a skinny jeans health warning after a woman collapsed and could not walk unaided for four days.
On my application I stated truthfully that I cannot make a journey alone and unaided.
FORMULA ONE JULES BIANCHI remains unconscious but breathing unaided following his horror crash at the Japanese Grand Prix in October, his parents have announced in a statement.
But with a goal of walking unaided in 12 months Lily is getting to grips with her challenge.
Lily hasn't been able to walk or stand unaided since being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at nine months old.
In order to test the validity of the RWOG hypothesis, the authors carried out a study that objectively measured changes in accommodation and near unaided visual acuity (VA) in emmetropic presbyopes using the RWOG programme.
Summary: Bag experts have refused to rule out the possibility that MI6 spy Gareth Williams locked himself in his sports holdall unaided.