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Who else can tell us why "exilic" and "borderlands" imaginaries are alike and unalike, or can position Chicano and Jewish queer revisions of national identity to inform one another?
In Tocqueville's words, "When conditions are very unequal and the inequalities are permanent, individuals little by little become so unalike that one would say there are as many distinct humanities as there are classes"; under such circumstances, people too easily lose sight of "the general bond that brings all together in the vast bosom of the human race", and this sense of shared humanity, once lost, is difficult to rebuild (p.
Note that transmigration, almost invariably, has thrown together people who see each other as culturally and linguistically unalike.
a philosopher who says that the distinction between human and non-human depends on whether you have a white or a black skin, and a philosopher who says that the distinction between human and non-human depends on whether or not you know the difference between a subject and a predicate, are more alike than they are unalike.
The con of guilt by association involves holding that two unalike persons, plants, animals, or things can be equated, one with the other, because of a single common trait or characteristic or attribute or belief, depending upon what's involved.
Though unalike culturally, respondents in HK and Finland shared similar preferences for other types of rewards, such as power-related and fixed (over variable).
Joseph showed me how to see how Wilder's own deft orchestration of such platitudes elevates both Theo North and George Brush into their status as "true saints in the modern world, even through they are unalike in so many ways," George "tend[ing] to reject the world as evil (our Puritan inheritance)" and Theo "totally accept[ing] it with joy (the Catholic Christian position).
Three girls, completely unalike with seemingly nothing in common, come to be friends thanks to the common bond of being nannies.
While Ketel One and Vox continue to lead the Dutch contingent in sales, the two heavyweights are relatively unalike.
Maya Angelou puts it simply but eloquently in the opening poem, "Human Family," when she states, "We are more alike, my friends, / than we are unalike.
Train Wreck is a company of twelve exciting dancers as unalike stylistically as the shapes of the pasta in alphabet soup.
The other great paradox of the exhibition, and perhaps especially of this early part of it, is that what one would be forgiven for thinking on the basis of photographs are stylistically all but indistinguishable pieces are actually profoundly unalike.