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at 2692 ("What the State of New York treats as alike the federal law deems unalike by a law designed to injure the same class the State seeks to protect.
139) But because they cannot tailor rules to capture the nuances of particular cases, they are ill suited to furthering equality's other aspect of treating unlike cases unalike.
Outside the ostentation of skin color, the father and daughter realize they have nothing in common with the bourgeois Carmen, just as Deck comes to see that he and Cole are unalike.
while the practice of abruptly modulating at the end of the first and two-thirds through the third, while slightly more prepared than Debussy's similar shifts, are not unalike.
In an interview published in Provincetown Arts in 1999, Mailer said, "We looked so unalike and were so different that it was interesting to have something in common.
There are situations and folks with which you'll no doubt be familiar--it's an element of the evidence that we are all, as skaters, more alike than unalike.
Differential proteomics of omental and subcutaneous adipose tissue reflects their unalike biochemical and metabolic properties.
But except for being the world's only two top-rated nuclear accidents, Fukushima and Chernobyl are unalike.
Plants in close proximity tended to be alike in disease status and those distant were unalike.
Our fathers were clearly very unalike," Levy says, but that's not true.
Ronnie reckons he and Barker clicked because they were so unalike.