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The deconstructivist artists thereby show that the traditional, rationalist utopia is nothing but "eine unerlaubte Verkurzung der Idee der Moderne, die stets die Vielfalt und Gegensatzlichkeit als Teil ihrer selbst erachtete" (112) [an unallowed foreshortening of the idea of modernity, which has always considered multiplicity and contradictoriness as parts of itself].
The principle of anxiety articulated through the colonial network of hierarchical oppositions is thus made to confront the resurgence of its repressed Other; the unnameable sterile monster of the infertile hybrid is the unallowed, disavowed, strategic threat, the third term which is less than either one but simultaneously more than the sum of both.
Other unallowed expenditures Porter was reimbursed for include Old Spice deodorant, Stayfree tampons, cough syrup, dress shirts, toothpaste, Smiley Night Lights, petroleum jelly, and Hershey candy bars.
To me, that's what rock and roll should always come down to--the unallowed," says punk band manager Leee Black Childers, noting a theatrical faux-terrorism that has clearly run its course, leaving us with big bad circus acts like Marilyn Manson.
Prior to the year of disposition, losses which are unallowed in any given year are carried forward to the next to be recalculated to see whether they will be deductible or whether they will have to be carried forward again.
markets because the merchants were involved in kinds of business, unallowed in
The specific requirements for activities allowed or unallowed are unique to each federal program.
18 million for costs not in compliance with the contract terms; $488,000 in unallowable overhead costs; $744,000 in unallowed commissions for negotiating with third parties; and $314,000 in subcontractor markup costs.
Federal financial reporting, allowable costs/cost principles, types of services allowed or unallowed, and eligibility), and where applicable, reference to the separate schedule of findings and questioned costs; and
Unallowed deductions are "suspended" and are treated as passive activity deductions in the following year.
photos, drawing sketches or maps of these areas is also unallowed.
50% Phase-out amount (5,000) Maximum allowable deduction after phase-out 20,000 Less: Loss allowable to surviving spouse calculated in Step 1 (15,000) (a) Maximum deductible loss by the estate $ 5,000 (b) Actual rental loss $40,000 Allowable loss, lesser of (a) or (b) $ 5,000 The estate's unallowed loss of $35,000 ($40,000 minus $5,000) will constitute a suspended passive loss and can thus be carried forward to future years.