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Second, traditional ESP experiments have the calls or predictions unalterably registered before the target is revealed, whereas precognitive anticipation studies have often obtained the physiological values used in the analysis by relatively complex data processing after the trials were completed and feedback given.
The church could say that those pushing same-sex civil marriage on those of us who, because of our faith, are unalterably opposed to it are also intolerant of our religious beliefs.
It is quite conceivable that these same youngsters, had they appeared on the scene during the 1967 Summer of Love, would have found a "crash pad" with those who used marijuana socially and the psychedelics for religious or philosophical reasons, and who were unalterably opposed to the use of speed, which is generally regarded by this group as an "ego trip.
On a gloomy February day, with rain pelting outside, Cheryl Gansner sat in her Tennessee home thinking about what her life once was and how it would be unalterably different from then on.
And of course he had eyebrows that made me want to cut them away, they were so unalterably shabby, a disgrace.
Planck was unalterably opposed to the positivism of Ernst Mach and that of the Vienna Circle.
Many in Obama's own Democratic Party are unalterably opposed to cuts in Social Security and other benefits.
Groups such as the Business Roundtable and the National Association of Manufacturers are unalterably opposed to killing the deferral provision, even at the expense of losing the new payroll deduction, which some business analysts don't believe would stop outsourcing anyhow.
We also know from polls that about one-third of the country unalterably opposes whatever he does and always will.
A day earlier, at Foothill College, Duncan said the Obama administration is unalterably committed to community colleges, but also understands the difficulties they now face as enrollments grow and financial resources shrink.
He said that he opposed, unalterably, every compromise with National Socialism.