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It was strange, too, that while Scrooge remained unaltered in his outward form, the Ghost grew older, clearly older.
I am on unaltered terms with her, and I recall--having the full power to do it if I were so disposed, as you see--no act I have done for her advantage and happiness.
It is worth while to reflect for a moment on the character of the new species F14, which is supposed not to have diverged much in character, but to have retained the form of (F), either unaltered or altered only in a slight degree.
The utterly unaltered voice and attitude added a strange violence to that shocking change of speech.
Nay, perhaps, it will be credited, that the villain went two days afterwards with some young ladies to the play of Hamlet; and with an unaltered countenance heard one of the ladies, who little suspected how near she was to the person, cry out, "Good God
Dave and Sol-leks alone were unaltered, though they were made irritable by the unending squabbling.
I had no opportunity of discovering whether her purpose of the morning had changed or not, until she wished Sir Percival good- night--and then her own words informed me that it was unaltered.
Her husband made no reply, but stood, leaning on his rifle, looking sadly, but with an unaltered eye, at the mangled remains of his son.
I present it, unaltered, in the Cheap Edition; and such of my opinions as it expresses, are quite unaltered too.
The room Arthur Clennam's deceased father had occupied for business purposes, when he first remembered him, was so unaltered that he might have been imagined still to keep it invisibly, as his visible relict kept her room up-stairs; Jeremiah Flintwinch still going between them negotiating.
And still her former self lay there, unaltered in this change.