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dagger]) Explicitness, completeness, unambiguity, confusion, and redundancy.
Quite surprisingly, we found that this notion of determinism coincides with line unambiguity of Row-UREC (or Col-UREC): we show that the languages of this class can actually be recognized deterministically by following a boustrophedonic scanning strategy.
Fodor (1998) not only demonstrates clear-cut evidence of unambiguity for each of the grammars in the three-parameter domain, as proposed by GW (1994), she also formulates an alternate triggering model that implements only unambiguous input.
According to Galtung and Ruge, as many as 12 factors such as frequency, threshold, unambiguity, meaningfulness, consonance, unexpectedness, continuity, composition, reference to elite nations, reference to elite people, reference to persons, and reference to something negative affect the newsworthiness of international events.
3) Goodman points out that almost any words may be used to indicate pace and mood: even if unambiguity were miraculously preserved, semantic disjointness would not be.
In the interest of consistency and unambiguity of communication, Estes suggests to exhibit only actual confidence intervals in figures and to do so in connection with the issue of how closely population means are estimated by obtained sample means.
Attributing an unambiguity of expression or even essence to a complex (and, to many observers, problematic) movement, to say nothing of dismissing dissenting interpretations, is incautious enough but fairly trivial compared to identifying the meaning and essence of an entire genre.
Supply lines and unintended side effects are but some examples of factors that cloud feedback unambiguity and transparency (Sterman, 1994).
controversy because of their unambiguity, (2) the provisions relating to
But when the typewriter replaced the written word, the advantage was being able to read typed writing rather than cursive writing--the unambiguity of that.
Specialized terminology represents a solid component of every standard language (along with its standard character its basic characteristics include systematic nature, unambiguity and precision).
Precision, speed, unambiguity, knowledge of the files, continuity, discretion, unity, strict subordination, reduction of friction and of material and personal costs--these are raised to the optimum point .