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Singh said: "As far as Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions are concerned, I have unambiguously said that I don't support it.
The evidence showed Fillery had made ``a planned and conscious decision to access unambiguously named websites'' she said.
And how can we make it so that the net income -- the accounting bottom line -- is a measure that does two simple things: 1) It is truly a measure of shareholder value; and 2) It is a measure that lends itself to a mission of continuous improvement -- that you can unambiguously say that more of that measure is good, and less of that measure is bad.
OK, they did play Thelma and Louise as unambiguously heterosexual women, but that was only on-screen.
No one had unambiguously located such genes in animals more primitive than the jawed vertebrates.
Raith says that to permit the reliable control of logistical processes, every software scope has to be given a Label--an item number--that identifies it unambiguously.
But "though no one study can establish that trade openness has unambiguously helped the representative Third World economy," they write, "the preponderance of evidence supports this conclusion.
Tony Blair said Government policy had not changed after Treasury official Gus O'Donnell reportedly said the decision on entering would be political and the five economic tests can never be clearly and unambiguously met.
Since a good 90 percent of Newark International Airport, 1998, is uninterrupted sky, Dawson unambiguously reminds us just how little of the picture we humans occupy.
Lloyd's believes it has unambiguously won the Names court case and is refocusing its attention on its evolution and on becoming profitable again.
I fail to understand how any Catholic can support a candidate who is outspokenly and unambiguously `pro-choice,` who supports the idea that the child in the womb is the property of the mother to be disposed of at will, and will make appointments to the Supreme Court that will reinforce the tremendous error of Roe v.
If it is clear, "that is the end of the matter; for the court, as well as the agency, must give effect to the unambiguously expressed intent of Congress.