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Though physically attached to would-be upwardly-mobile Birmingham, the Black Country has a reputation for being inwardlooking and unambitious.
He said: "The Welsh Labour Government may enjoy patting itself on the back over meeting unambitious targets, but they need to take a long hard look at the realities that many people are facing.
Women are still accused of penning unambitious, dull, domestic dramas.
01/03/07, MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, OFFICE OF GREEN ME CAROLINE LUCAS -- Caroline Lucas called for a radical overhaul of the EU's climate change policy after MPs described its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETs) as inefficient, ineffective and unambitious.
Many critics have been disappointed by Piano's deferential extensions, referring to them as unadventurous and unambitious.
But he highlighted the frustrations many developers feel with Liverpool's planning system which they feel is either too slow or unambitious.
Why he believes it's sanctuary pretty much speaks volumes about the unambitious Shaun.
The cast of characters includes Laz (Zachary Knighton), an optimistic, but unambitious 18-year-old; his best friend Fred (Charlie Finn); and the object of Laz's affection, Lily (Rachelle Lefevre).
And Colavita's four Best Bites are unambitious but reliable.
To the relief of readers looking for more than a consumer guide, Levitt is not a dull man, nor an unambitious one, and so he's done a lot more here than write a how-to book.
Yet Bornstein is not an unambitious or naive artist.