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Young men of the richer sort had made a pastime of the same pursuit, 'which was not unamusing.
The current process--capturing photos through camera, jotting down notes about each house and then later uploading those into the main system back at the office--was unamusing.
As in romantic comedies, there are instances of witty, mocking, wisecracking, and clever ironic phrasing, but also of vulgar cursing, bawdy songs, insulting nicknames and verbal abuse to an extent that is rendered unamusing.
These shows of calculated outrage -- and thus distance -- are becoming not just unconvincing but unamusing.
The unamusing responses from the two companies failed to ruffle the South Korean giant's anticipated mobile and wearables launch at the event.
Usually my columns begin with a question that takes me 800 or so words to answer in an unconvincing, rambling, unamusing and contradictory fashion.
Even more, London is "A vivid pleasure of my youth" (7:151), "Nor was it unamusing here to view .
Filmed at The Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia, Black expresses the irony in being an accomplished and well-known comedian who strangers constantly find unamusing.
To the unaccustomed ear they could be a moderately unamusing music-hall double-act - continental chuckles for all the family, all this week at the London Palladium - or a chain of estate agents in Switzerland, but to those of us who now find themselves with more experience than hair, their names are an instant fix of time and place.
Aside from the unamusing on-pack jokes, there is little to complain about.
It was merely crass, boorish and unamusing (and pretty darned accurate.