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Owners of unannexed agriculture-zoned land within the urban growth boundary typically seek to delay annexation as long possible because that keeps their property taxes low.
The data show that the annual percentage change for growth diminished during the 1970-1980 period primarily within the city of Memphis and inside the expressway (expressway defined as the I-240 loop which encircles the core-city of Memphis) of Memphis while the annexed and unannexed area outside of the expressway has experienced the most growth.
If a comparable house across the street in the same development had a negative price reaction to an annexation, then it was plausible to see an unannexed house also showing a negative reaction.
Open three years on June 4, the River Road/Santa Clara Volunteer Library offers access to a growing collection at a mere $10 a year - compared to $80 per household per year for non-city residents at the Eugene library - for the 18,000-plus residents living in the unannexed squares of these neighborhoods.
Some residents in unannexed areas are fiercely opposed to being annexed into the city, where they would be subject to city codes and have to pay higher property taxes.
The city of Eugene failed to get approval from the county commissioners this week to assess the owners of 10 unannexed properties for a city-sponsored street project.
It's an awkward arrangement that seems certain to anger area residents and rouse suspicions that the city is preparing to gobble up the remaining unannexed neighborhoods that make up much of this broad swath of urban fringe.