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In the case of Binay, the erstwhile frontrunner in the presidential race, the unanswerable question seems to me to be related to the corruption charges he, his son, and his allies are facing for the allegedly overpriced construction of Makati city government facilities.
Give me an example of an unanswerable question that motivates you to go further?
Parents of children with disabilities are vulnerable in their singular focus on finding "answers" to questions that may be unanswerable.
Godel used a self-referencing proposition to show that whatever system resulted from Whitehead and Russell's theory would either be incomplete, in the sense that there would remain unanswerable truths, or be inconsistent, such as showing that 1 + 1 = 2 and 1 + 1 = 3.
However, few England players made an unanswerable claim for inclusion in the manager's World Cup squad for this summer's tournament in what turned out to be a poor game.
Rather it was his only way to respond to an unanswerable point that his proposals for spending PS12million on solar panels is unjustified and wrong.
Everyone gets a chance to sing a solo as the song and its questions become longer and more unanswerable.
The fragmentary written record leaves many questions about the era unanswered, and probably unanswerable.
Speaking to members of the party's Rabita (coordination) Committee via telephone from London, he stated that the announcement, which he referred as a 'drone strike', would be unanswerable.
Mr Allister added: "By demonstrating the effect even a one-man opposition can have, we have pushed this issue of democratic deficit up the agenda with others now increasingly conceding that the case for a democratic opposition is unanswerable.
And as the question of God's will shall remain forever unanswerable with him or any man, may God bless and guide Egypt.
The mandate the SNP has to hold this referendum is unanswerable.