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has a history of volatility, this note provides additional evidence regarding the NRH by determining whether or not steel production depends on the anticipated and unanticipated movements of the money supply.
Certain factors may affect whether these anticipated events occur including ASV's ability to successfully manufacture its machines and undercarriages, unanticipated delays, costs or other difficulties in the manufacture of its machines and undercarriages, unanticipated problems or delays experienced by Caterpillar or Vermeer relating to the manufacturing or marketing of their machines utilizing ASV undercarriage systems, market acceptance of the machines, deterioration of the general market and economic conditions, corporate developments at ASV, Caterpillar or Vermeer and ASV's ability to realize the anticipated benefits from its relationships with Caterpillar and Vermeer.
Important factors upon which the Company's forward-looking statements are premised include: (a) no unanticipated developments that delay or negatively impact the integration of Concord EFS, Inc.