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Felonies aside, Gnossos is for much of the novel rather like an unanxious version of Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim, who comes from the early 1950s.
183), and for Poole's elegant conclusion that Tennyson's "dialogue with Shakespeare" was "unrivalrous, unanxious, grateful" (p.
You come fresh, unanxious and untired to greet your guests with a Frigidaire in the background
The tone of the school should explicitly and self-consciously stress the values of unanxious expectation ("I won't threaten you, but I expect much of you"), of trust (unless it is abused), and of decency (the values of fairness, generosity, and tolerance).
The tone of our school explicitly and self-consciously expresses values of decency and unanxious expectations.
Limbo and the wombtomb alive with the unanxious spirits of quiet cerebration, where there was no conflict of flight and flow and Eros was as null as Anteros and Night had no daughters.
Of course, even in a scene so saturated with body fluids, Walter does not lose all elements of phallic identity (she wishes to wash, for instance, but he refuses to allow it), but clearly his delight in the pleasure of others and the unanxious ways he "abandons himself" to her and to sexual contact with another man, are equally, if not more, noteworthy.
The unanxious and often appreciative mid-eighteenth-century reception of the stories of Snell and Davies is noted in Emma Donoghue, Passions between Women: British Lesbian Culture, 1688-1801 (London, 1993), 96; Gary Kates, Monsieur D'Eon is a Woman: A Tale of Political Intrigue and Sexual Masquerade (New York, 1995), 202-3.
In the latter's unanxious processes of unveiling and reveiling Shelley 'wrests a successful aesthetic from the ruins of failed vision' (141).
Furthermore, though Morris understands that the idea of Work must be premised by an unanxious life, he also understands that people would be comfortable with about a quarter of the goods that were available to them, the rest being merely quantifiable waste.
These are ruminative, elaborately syntaxed poems, unanxious about moving quickly to their finish.