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confide in your Honour's humble servant for adequate remuneration per hoondi per annum three hundred rupees a year to one expensive education St Xavier, Lucknow, and allow small time to forward same per hoondi sent to any part of India as your Honour shall address yourself This servant of your Honour has presently no place to lay crown of his head, but going to Benares by train on account of persecution of old woman talking so much and unanxious residing Saharunpore in any domestic capacity.
For these women, their objects of desire are 'scenes they orchestrate in order to experience absorption, a sense of being held in a scene, of having reciprocity, and being unanxious somewhere' (Berlant, 2011: 166).
41) Once Charles Musgrove yields the scene, the couple soon renews their engagement, after, of course, having directed their course "towards the comparatively quiet and retired gravel walk" (240), where they can exercise in unanxious peace.
For the time being, we are courageous and confident, unafraid, unanxious, unneurotic, not sick" (p.
Here, in this operatic scene in Persuasion, the silence, the anxiety-provoking silence of Emma, is rejected as the book flamboyantly descends from the stylistic heights of ladylike reserve to the depths of middle-class, expressed, unanxious emotion.
Felonies aside, Gnossos is for much of the novel rather like an unanxious version of Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim, who comes from the early 1950s.
183), and for Poole's elegant conclusion that Tennyson's "dialogue with Shakespeare" was "unrivalrous, unanxious, grateful" (p.
You come fresh, unanxious and untired to greet your guests with a Frigidaire in the background
The tone of the school should explicitly and self-consciously stress the values of unanxious expectation ("I won't threaten you, but I expect much of you"), of trust (unless it is abused), and of decency (the values of fairness, generosity, and tolerance).