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100) Additionally, the parties agreed that should another lawsuit challenging Zeneca's tamoxifen patents be filed and result in an unappealable judgment that its patents are either invalid or not enforceable, Barr could default to its Paragraph IV certification.
In this case, human laws, instead of presenting themselves as they are--a simple, fallible, imperfect declaration of rational law, and a sanction of revealed law--begin with a supremely solemn lie and injustice by offering themselves to the public as almighty, unique, infallible, unappealable, inflexible, and unchangeable.
I feel very angry that they have decided to appeal against a decision that is unappealable.
He knew that the subjection of women was a major factor in his art because the female under patriarchy exemplifies more dearly than in the case of the male the human being struggling with unappealable edicts.
They are wary of unappealable arbitration decisions, which could hold that their intellectual property rights are unenforceable or nonexistent.
Though this latest decision is unappealable, under the rules of procedure, Barry has another chance to succeed when its current application goes for a full vote by the ABA Council for Legal Education in Philadelphia in February.
Bowing to his unappealable judgment, do you feel a lack?
Unappealable deficiencies (level G or above) can also subject a facility to heightened sanctions and to the immediate ("no grace period") imposition of civil monetary penalties in subsequent surveys.
In my view, CSWE policy should not be considered irrevocable, unchangeable, or unappealable.
In its four-page summation, the Supreme Court said the income and estate tax assessments ''were final and unappealable.
The discovery of this "collective agency," however, leads to the inevitable conclusion that the autonomous self is actually subject "to an unappealable natural or spiritual law" (182).