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Ciszak says that he's careful not to overcook the herb, which gives it an unappealingly bitter flavor.
The occasion has been an opportunity for the Fund to emphasise its distinctive role, as a fund of last resort for the acquisition of what are unappealingly known as 'heritage assets' and as the national memorial for all those who have lost their lives in the service of the country.
Too often, cafe meals are slopped unappealingly onto the plate, but at Chirk the ultra-friendly staff seemed to take real pride in arrangement.
Right I'm going to have another stab at Roy," she leered unappealingly.
It is what makes the book, although comprehensive, unappealingly encyclopedic and often difficult to plow through.
Bounce'' unappealingly marries ``Random Hearts'' and ``Return to Me,'' producing a weepy melodrama that manages to be both dull and stupid.
For some, indeed, an integrated reading has in the short term been unappealingly demanding (and as yet too incomplete) with episodes 2-3 still several years away.
Thus, while Hal's deceptive traffic with Falstaff looks, from one angle, unappealingly dishonest,(5) an alternative and more optimistic perspective on political histrionics is urged on us by the language of various characters in the plays, including Hal himself.
Unfortunately, these conditions are unappealingly restrictive.
The narrative lacks pace and purpose and a central romance between Tat T um and love interest Amber Heard remains unappealingly limp.