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But there was a worse spectacle than this--worse by far than fire and smoke, or even the rabble's unappeasable and maniac rage.
Nietzsche saw that among advanced civilizations, the ultimate collapse of the belief in God would create a vacuum that would be filled by secular ideology, the ranks of which would be filled by totalitarian politicians with a "Will to Power" that would produce a new kind of messiah, uninhibited by religious sanctions and with an unappeasable appetite for controlling mankind.
As functional objects become unusable, they perfectly represent the unappeasable nature of human desire.
From the New Deal onward, a lion's share of the energies of government were diverted to economic planning via the most complex and expensive bureaucracy ever created, one that continues to grow in size and cost almost exponentially, and seemingly has an unappeasable appetite for data in order to "run the economy," as we are wont to say nowadays.
The final regulations themselves were not a reflection of the beliefs and practices of the majority of Americans--or, notably, of American Catholics--but of an administration that had spent more than two years attempting to appease an unappeasable Catholic hierarchy and asking "how high" when its friends in the Catholic Health Association (CHA) demanded that it jump.
To the rehearsal of these fairly well-known arguments about the meaning of appropriation, Raysse's peculiar use of the practice, expressed in his feel for a gaseous, acerbic palette, may reveal the artist's unappeasable love for the model--no matter how debased the prototype might seem in our culture of adolescent attention spans.
At the same time, one and the other both pass almost invisibly through the course of the various great ideas of their time; one and the other both propagate readings that are difficult or impossible, as if one's apprenticeship to their work were only an unappeasable appetite, or an unsought and intuitive aptitude; one and the other both, finally, represent a crucial sort of annoyance--or monotonous sort of pleasure--within those regimes of banality and revelation that are dictionaries and indexes of names.
Aspiring to the heavens, to transcendence, but bound to the earth (to use de Beauvoir's frame), the home is a simulacrum of this ultimate authority, constructed to satiate man's unappeasable urge toward transcendence and mastery.
It is here in the interchangeable urban spaces that Christmas's personal shame transforms into an explosive unappeasable self-loathing, incubating the kernels of rage that will culminate in the murder of Joanna Burden in Jefferson.
The sea is the unappeasable customs officer who at the primal moment coldly seized the histories of all arrivees, cargo or captain.
A long, terrible conflict in the wake of the failure of accommodation would reveal an Afghan array of forces, interests, and passions sufficiently favorable to the Taliban to make them an unappeasable force with enduring nationwide strength.
What I didn't understand was that an unappeasable self-pity lay behind his work, the result of his belief that his life had been blighted by an outrageously unfair childhood.