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And while men ballet dancers in nineteenth-century America weren't denigrated, as they were in France by such influential critics as Theophile Gautier and Jules Janin, for being all too unappetizingly and stolidly male in a gossamer world, they were largely ignored.
Poor value for 90p, they were lukewarm, greasy, unappetizingly brown and, sadly, soon for the bin.
Admittedly, the food appeared to be unappetizingly thin fare, but the prisoners' family and friends supplement the daily ration.
Some have taken the detailed documentation as of value in itself and presented it accurately but unappetizingly.
The phony wound was unappetizingly realistic: a dark claret color, subtly shiny as though flash-braised by the explosion's heat, and daubed here and there with highlights of venous blue.
She is unappetizingly described looking "as if she had been fed on unwholesome scraps and leavings o f plates" (231).