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Such belief Bunyan finds unapproachably "brittle": it forces within the battle to be holy and acceptable to God (GA, 37-52).
But when she came down the stairs in her evening jacket and wearing her turban I calmed down immediately--a bitter peace--because she was so beautiful, so unapproachably beautiful.
By symbolizing the modern soul as Ariadne, "Nietzsche is, of course, saying that the soul must now accept itself as the creator of all it has hitherto deemed unapproachably divine, or otherwise unapproachable" (p.
The actor who can seem unapproachably taciturn on screen is clearly in a chipper mood, in spite of the fact that London had gone up in flames only two nights before due to the riots.
In short poems of great compressed violence and rhetorical tension, unapproachably remote in their cool, detached control, English poet Geoffrey Hill has long tackled "big" subjects, martyrdom and vision, theology and justice, guilt and redemption, the psychic wounds of history and the complex scars they inscribe.