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How forsakenly he stands there, and yet how steadfastly, how unapproachably.
Despite its size, this interstitial space can only accommodate a few works on its two landings--the upper one, rather optimistically labeled the Riklis/Lindner Gallery, is home to Brancusi's Fish, 1930, which faces Matisse's Dance (I), hovering unapproachably over the stairs; the lower one, dubbed the Emily and Jerry Spiegel Gallery, houses two Diebenkorns and a Milton Avery seascape, as if to suggest that the effect of Matisse's chromatic innovations on American art was pretty inoffensive after all.
Rather than a neat, comprehensible Earth from which one can extrapolate a neat, comprehensible maker, Lyell's God is unapproachably transcendent, beyond embodiment in language or thought.