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The decision said the use of the unspent calamity funds for the PEI was contrary to the implementing rules and regulations of the Local Government Code (LGC), which provided for the reversion of the fund to unappropriated surplus to be reappropriated in the next year.
Mabilog assailed the COA Notice of Disallowance issued by the audit agency's RO VI, pointing out, among others, that the PEI cannot be subjected to limitations in personal service expenditures and that reversion of the calamity fund to the unappropriated surplus to pay PEI is valid.
The document said lawmakers left about $94 million unappropriated when they passed the two-year budget last session, tapping $107.
Banks have been able to strengthen their capital ratios by containing dividend payments as well as incorporating unappropriated earnings into their quarterly capital disclosures.
The religious areas, the properties to be used for security purposes after the solution, the properties which will be vacant after the solution and the unappropriated and unused properties will not be included in the scope of emotional bond," the article said.
RECLAIM calls for accelerating the release of $1 billion to coal mining states from the unappropriated balance in the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund to revitalize coal communities hard hit by abandoned mines and the decline in coal mining.
Except as otherwise provided by rule or law, the Speaker shall have general control of the Hall of the House, the corridors and passages in the part of the Capitol assigned to the use of the House, and the disposal of unappropriated rooms in that part of the Capitol.
House and enjoin use of unappropriated moneys to make cost-sharing reduction payments.
Unappropriated profit carried forward###488,642###445,377
Section four of Montana's law, for example, says the state "forever disclaim[s] all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within the boundaries thereof .
A third statement, an Analysis of Changes in Unappropriated Surplus, would reflect the changes to unappropriated surplus from budget and actual transactions shown on the other two statements.
May file Schedule M-1, Reconciliation of Income (Loss) and Analysis of Unappropriated Retained Earnings per Books, in place of Parts II and III of Schedule M-3;