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Sometimes Viorst's appeal to it seems plainly unapt.
Indeed, could our readers fancy a bull-dog come unto man's estate, and walking about in a hat and coat, they would have no unapt idea of the general style and effect of his physique" (Uncle Tom's Cabin, 122).
Scot concludes, 'what an unapt instrument is a toothles, old impotent and unweldie woman to flie in the aier?
Ascham's animus toward this Italian influence manifests itself in, among other ways, his contempt for "quick wits," which, he asserts, "commonly be apt to take, unapt to keep; soon hot and desirous of this and that, as cold and soon weary of the same; more quick to enter speedily than able to pierce far.
An early seventeenth-century London midwife, defending herself against charges of professional misconduct, complained that her client had been `so dull and slow in her pains and so unapt or unwilling to help herself and to set forward the production of her child that her child was born very weak and feeble'.