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Behind the table lay the drunkard, still unaroused, only one foot visible to John.
sophisticating' this extremely sophisticated art out of all relation to its source and, in the same gestures, achieving a once-over-lightly loving-up betrayal of the unaroused body of all the rest of the music.
To be unaroused means to be relaxed, sleepy or tired (Revelle & Loftus, 1992; Thayer, 1989).
Even if he's uninterested or unaroused he can still bring you to orgasm manually or orally.
It simply means that, as a result of public opinion and consciousness being unaroused, we are content to remain under the present system .
The god himself, however, is often depicted as unperturbed and unaroused, modeling the very civic order and discipline that his rituals unravel.
Such a hero would be "a member of the avant-garde who is capable of perceiving the conspiracy before it is fully obvious to an as yet unaroused public.
THE dotted lines on the two rulers show the average length unaroused and aroused for men, according to the latest scientific studies
Ah make you feel young again, man," one promises, yet the author remains unaroused.
In front of Ai, who shyly opened up her body, Yu's penis remained miserably unaroused.
At least we heard the pop of the cork, though, so suspicions remained unaroused.