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Virtual: If not otherwise represented, a minor, incapacitated, unborn, unascertainable, or unlocatable person may be represented by another person having a substantially identical interest.
Their campaign began after the original inquest into Lisa's death in 1998 recorded an open verdict, finding the cause of death unascertainable.
At the first inquest in 1998, the coroner recorded an open verdict after finding the cause of death was unascertainable.
At the original inquest in August 1998, the coroner recorded an open verdict after finding the cause of death unascertainable.
Pathologist Dr Stephen Leadbetter said the cause of her death was unascertainable.
Caught in their daily routines, they live out their lives in a universe whose incredibly vast and complex systems are present in their consciousness only to the extent allowed by a pervasive scientism which conceives the beginning of the universe as a remote, nebulous, and indeed unascertainable affair.
While some studies saw a causal positive relationship between FDI and growth, others concluded that such a causality may be unascertainable, or that the positive association between FDI and growth may actually indicate a two-way relationship rather than an one way.
First, the absence of any satisfactory method for estimating the value of employee stock options, when combined with a requirement that this uncertain and unascertainable value be included in computing earnings per share, appears to be inconsistent with the principles and objectives of accounting itself and could create considerable legal risks for companies.
The discussion above is mostly theoretical, since there are too many facts that are unascertainable.
One other very important factor in the operation of anaphora is the nature of the anaphoric predication: (7) that is, what is predicated of the referent of the anaphor--which may still be unascertainable at the point when it is uttered--acts as a pointer toward a referent of a certain type; in other words, it places a semantico-pragmatic constraint on its potential values.
The amount of appropriation required for actionable copying, however, is currently unascertainable.
What matters is not the truth, which is unascertainable anyway, but the message.