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She unashamedly drops names - The Queen and Barbra Streisand - and isn't afraid of telling smutty gags.
The result is a polished pop set unashamedly rooted in c5ountry and bursting with mainstream appeal.
Charles then waited until morning to break the news to the boys, at which point they all ``wept unashamedly.
France are unashamedly treating the game as little more than a warm- up for the tour by World Cup winners South Africa and the Five Nations championship.
Songs such as Last Second Of The Minute and Blah Blah Lah Di Dah recall the band's classic singles, combaining rock, pop and folk, with the more mncellow We Hold Each Other and unashamedly dramatic Someone Tell Me What Trto Think flavoured by the fiddle of new a rrival Erica Nockalls.
His cops had heart, with Starsky and Hutch unashamedly hugging each other.
HE'S unashamedly blue collar no-nonsense rock'n'roll but Thorogood and his Destroyers have been playing to packed houses for nigh on 30 years now.
An unashamedly romantic (and incredible) tale about the longevity of love, with plenty of humour to lighten the tears.
I say, quite unashamedly, that the scripts are now better than ever.
Watching Michael Bevan put New Zealand to the sword on Tuesday was almost as much fun as listening to everybody's favourite fat bloke, Mark Taylor, run through his unashamedly pro-Aussie banter at the expense of anyone unfortunate enough to be co-commentating.
By the time we reached our destination, the Mayflower Hotel on lower Connecticut Avenue, I unashamedly confronted my ambition to live here" You go, girl
Instead, they've all ridden blithely on the coattails of Stonewall, letting the rest of us risk insults, wounds, and some-times death by being openly and unashamedly gay.