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Targets here in Wales are already 10% behind those in England and Scotland, yet still Wales is nowhere near meeting these unaspiring targets.
I know what I thought of people who said that Chelsea was a very small, dull, unaspiring town, with no discernible excuse for a separate name or existence.
The individual exercise of reserve would ensure a "humble, secret, unaffected, unaspiring practice of piety.
He stressed the immortality of the soul, however, in the expectation that the modern human would be prone to whittle his pursuit of happiness down to the running of a little farm or store--a truly petty and unaspiring expression of materialism.
When to all this is added the docility arising from the unaspiring contentment of a limited mind, and that susceptibility of bland attachment sometimes inhering in indisputable inferiors, one readily perceives why those hypochondriacs, Johnson and Byron--it may be something like the hypochondriac, Benito Cereno--took to their hearts, almost to the exclusion of the entire white race, their serving men, the negroes, Barber and Fletcher.