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LAURA BARTON GUARDIAN NEWS SERVICES THE birth of Blue Ivy Carter to Beyonce and Jay-Z recently has prompted her father to release a new track in her honour, the rather unassumingly named Glory.
Indeed, despite a long glittering career in which she's worked with everyone from Sir Alec Guinness to David Lynch - not to mention her former husband Peter O'Toole, with whom she had a tumultuous marriage - Phillips is still disarmingly unassumingly about her achievements.
IT MAY be one of the largest Iron Age hillforts in all of Wales - and it is nestled unassumingly in the middle of a Cardiff estate.
Schmidt preferred to quietly and unassumingly work away to develop the next study, the next research protocol, the next opening to our understanding of what our minds are capable of accomplishing.
Coffee--devil's cup, devil's market: coffee is an unassumingly functional drink, but has a larger-than-life image across the globe.
Unassumingly parked next to some of the world s most lethal warplanes, a converted 800cc Maruti hatchback has stolen some of the thunder from the supersonic exhibits at the Aero India 2011 air show in the southern city of Bangalore.
The rich velvet band gala coat covered with black applique work draped over a softly layered two- tiered skirt, though unassumingly simple, commands attention.
As G2 Organics Nail Polishes are odorless, users can carry the "sidekick" in their purse and pull it out whenever they need to unassumingly fix a chip or dent.
The question leaves me feeling surprised and equally bewildered as Greg Keeffe sits back unassumingly and tilts his head to the side as if waiting for me to respond.
Looking as though they had always been there, the two new buildings slip carefully and unassumingly into Dusseldorf's cityscape.
I don't really know why I have been so fortunate", he notes unassumingly.
Shoppers can find some 900 items, including eel soda, marketed in aluminum bottles in the dairy case; sushi-grade tuna in seafood; and Shochu, a liquor distilled from barley, rice or sweet potatoes, unassumingly merchandised on tables over the self-service meat ease.