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acknowledges the unattainability of the ideal of genuine friendship in a
Faced with impossibility, unattainability, Adam Zagajewski pauses only briefly.
There could be no such thing anyway, because what he is searching for is inherently unattainable, but he experiences redemption and resolution in realizing exactly that unattainability, accepting it, and turning the search itself into the adventure, the journey into the goal.
It was George Orwell who named his dream hostelry The Moon Under Water, to highlight the unattainability of such a venue, but surely the ideal place from which to savour Cheltenham isn't too much to ask.
Sage Or, one could view the unattainability of the horizon--and the fact that there are always other horizons taking shape--as infinite possibilities.
Differing from Freud, who saw the phallus simply as the desire for power (whether in men or in women, like Brick or Margaret) and thus castration the fear of its usurpation or unattainability, Lacan sees the Phallus as the center of all language, and thus the imaginary signified which anchors the entire signifying chain.
In both cases, their desperate frustration at the unattainability of such belonging leads to the murder of a member of their childhood 'family'--in both cases now an unfamilial family, an uncanny home.
Perhaps even more misguided than pursuing a political unicorn, even more misconceived than playing bin Laden's ace, more strategically limp than the obvious vagueness and unattainability of military objectives, more reckless than risking a much wider Middle Eastern conflagration, and more heartless than destroying any just settlement for the Palestinian people is the utter cynicism in which Mr Blair holds our soldiers - and they cannot count on their boots not melting, their wretched SA80s actually firing, or their tanks actually moving in the raging heat of the Iraqi desert.
Schenkar's Seattle is orderly, pastelly soft, and supernaturally green, emphasizing the unattainability of this cliched ideal.
It is well justified to delete the attribute "seemingly" because the Third Law of Thermodynamics, enunciated by Nernst in 1906 (19), implies the unattainability of absolute zero.
He knew of the tenuous nature of love and its common unattainability, and he dealt frequently with loss in the strip.