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In this middle point "between all and nothing," man, according to Pascal, becomes aware of how remote he is from understanding these two extremes "whose principles are unattainably hidden from him in impenetrable secrecy" (p.
While the sanguine temperament was regarded as the next best thing to an unattainably perfect humoral balance, it had its dangers, the most serious of which were a tendency to overindulge in food and drink, and an extreme susceptibility to erotic love.
In that surge of new poetry and feeling, the forms of love ranged from the openly sensual to the unattainably ethereal, and from such familiar treatment as may have verged upon folk poetry of the time (and is still to be found in the popular culture of our own time) to courtly, allusive, highly stylized poetry that seemed to treat love on many planes at once.
Importantly, the Haudenosaunee ideals are clearly practical and everyday in their essence, rather than abstract and unattainably remote.
What I'm proposing here is not an unattainably enormous project.
The 1950s ideal of femininity as an unattainably sublime object does not apply equally to black and white images.
When limits are set unattainably low, certain pesticides are eliminated from use.
For many American wine lovers, Bordeaux is synonymous with top-quality, and often unattainably expensive wines.