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Consequently, Lonergan calls our attention to instances of unauthentic appropriation of a tradition that waters down, devalues, and distorts the language of that tradition.
Toxically Unauthentic Info: You'll show your best side, of course, but remember that honesty is the best policy.
It is part of an emerging trend for unauthentic and disappointing cocktails.
The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the aim of launching the channel is countering unauthentic fatwas and particularly violent ones that played an important role in destabilizing the country during the security crisis the bordered civil war in the 1990s.
He describes published reports by unofficial media claiming that there's an alliance between the government and Houthis as "false and unauthentic," adding that such fabricated reports are meant to make citizens cast doubt on the strong relationship between Houthis and the Joint Meeting Parties.
She said most twins struggle with being completely honest with each other for fear of upsetting the other, which in Friedman's experience made her feel unauthentic.
The human inhabitants of the area are constructed as either an exotic, unknowable 'other', who when they see birds of paradise envision the spirits of their ancestors, or as childlike and assimilated and therefore unauthentic 'natives' who need to be educated about how to conserve their environment.
65), works that have for years been recognized by scholars to be unauthentic.
The data cited in the article were unauthentic and the research methodology was not based on science,'' Jia said in rejecting the findings.
Urban high schools that rely on bureaucratic structures and behaviors have allowed urban students and their teachers to become deskilled (Anyon, 1997; Johnson, 2004) with their reliance on scripted lessons and unauthentic assessments, and may be widening the gap in wealth and power in the US (Giroux, 2003; Sehr, 1997).
A warning sign will appear on the display if a customer receives an unauthentic e-mail.
A 57-year-old Dallas resident visiting the island for the third time said he doesn't mind that such spots as Cayo Largo may give foreigners a sanitized, unauthentic feel for the Cuban people.