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He explained that Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is not maintaining any Twitter or Facebook account and all such accounts in his name are unauthenticated.
SIRMOUR 2008 Puruwala Navni Job Photos missing, Incomplete Group photos not Cards Job Cards, No one denied of fixed, Custody with registration, Cases of workers, No one unauthenticated Job Cards.
Congress has charged and demanded a CBI probe based on an unauthenticated and a probably doctored CD.
No pictures of OBL's body were released, but there have been an unauthenticated WikiLeaks report that in fact his corpse was taken to the US.
Many web applications give users the ability to share private information with unauthenticated users via obscure, publically accessible URLs.
The alternative is that jackbooted approach of prohibiting unauthenticated games and keeping prices the same.
Unauthenticated ATPs, which should only be used for making comments and recommended changes, will be posted on milWiki.
This will require that a homosexual-friendly Islamic hermeneutics is developed that rejects the unauthenticated Hadith's negative discussion of homosexuality.
ways to separate legitimate but unauthenticated messages from possible
All milWiki publications are unauthenticated and should only be used by the field to make recommended changes to them.
Documents that are unauthenticated are generally not admissible, and the court may find they have no evidentiary weight.
It also selects the messages that are accepted by the application according to their correct structure configuration and to the sender's presence in the platform, thus stopping any communication from an unauthenticated application" [36].