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Foreshadowing this Note's recommendation in Part IV, infra, Article 33's apparent departure from customary international law may thus be salvageable based upon precisely this unavoidability of mistake of law approach.
Laozi sensed the unavoidability of this paradox, and thus defined this wholeness paradoxically, albeit profoundly:
However, another cohort of medical science researchers spoke of the unavoidability of physician-industry relationships and advocated proper management of COIs.
For a theology of non-Western art this translates into a shift away from Western assumptions of an art object's embedded cultural role, whilst concomitantly recognising the unavoidability of contextual meaning, an argument that affects both the art and theological responses to it.
Given the unavoidability of rising sea levels in a warming world, the critical question is only partly how much sea level will rise; it is also how fast any given rise might be: how much may occur within the next 100 years, the lifetime of a house, or over the next millennium, the lifetime of large coastal cities.
Reckless hawks in Israel and the United States continue to talk up the possibility - even the unavoidability - of a strike against Iran to destroy its nuclear facilities.
The sources of this responsibility included the "prevailing economic system which saw in war and the preparation for it, the possibility of great profit for the ruling classes"; the failure of German diplomats to prevent the collapse of disarmament talks at the two Hague Conferences because they viewed wars as potent diplomatic tools; the role of diplomats in fostering a system of myths about the moral efficacy and unavoidability of war which was supported by history instruction in the schools; and, the lust for war of the German people.
Some benchmark expected value is necessary to control for the unavoidability feature of citing precedents.
Despite its unavoidability, though, despite the sheer ubiquity of images, and despite the too easy shift from shock to cliche, Sontag describes the abiding moral and ethical dimension of the photographic image.
We may look at contributory negligence, shared blame, unavoidability, percentage penalties, shared penalties, alternative penalties etc.
In particular, it may be argued that to accept the unavoidability of the foundational role of human choice and interpretation in the formulation of any aspect of the normative system of Islam does not address the question of what to do about categorical and explicit texts of the Qur'an and Sunna of the Prophet on marriage, divorce, inheritance, and so forth.
Given the unavoidability of having a view, it is important that the view one comes to adopt be true or, if that is deemed impossible, be comprehensive and humane.