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Inspired by the similarities identified which promote uniformity in its application, we qualified sea perils without regard to their unforeseeability or extraordinary nature, insisting more on the unavoidability of the occurrence.
Foreshadowing this Note's recommendation in Part IV, infra, Article 33's apparent departure from customary international law may thus be salvageable based upon precisely this unavoidability of mistake of law approach.
But what is important the sets of truths and laws include facts and laws concerning some possible actions of a given group of people, because when you speak of unavoidability you always mean it in reference to a group of people.
however, the unavoidability argument is not conceptual, but
Additionally, Arutunyan (2009), despite highlighting the unavoidability of journalists' dependence on political insiders in the restrictive Russian political tradition, warns that these insiders are often not legitimate sources of information and even when they are, their cooperation with the press usually serves a deliberate political purpose.
collective avoidability and unavoidability, he argues, we will find that responsibility is actually of less significance to justice than many believe.
In light of this, the present work does not, in contrast to other recent feminist scholarship on surrogacy in Canada and Quebec, suggest the urgency or unavoidability of law reform in the realm of surrogacy.
It is in this context that Derrida will everywhere maintain the unavoidability not only of privileging presence over absence, but of binary opposition more generally, and of phonocentrism and logocentrism in particular.
Our survey lends some additional experimental support to ethics code revision committees who are showing a greater willingness to consider the unavoidability and the appropriateness of NSMR's in certain settings and situations (Sanders, 2010).
From the Yale School--which is generally unsympathetic to traditional natural theology--Radner emphasizes the unavoidability of metaphysics grounded in revelation, as he explores images of causal relations in creation to understand the world "on its own terms," while presupposing "'some kind of Christian worldview" (3).
the client, the unavoidability of the harm, and the likelihood of
Such poems at their best thrill us with their deep structure, whether we recognize its sources or not; for more self-conscious readers, they renew our recognition of the value, and the unavoidability, of the old stories.