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Judging by his few months at the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope seems set to take a more proactive role in the region, one that is unavoidably political.
But, at the moment, given the rather acute shortage of housing, I think quantity, number, unavoidably has to come first," he said.
Such tendency is unavoidably necessary if high oil prices, limited natural resources and partially used hydro potential of the country are taken into account, PM Nikola Gruevski said at the cornerstone laying ceremony.
And don't think Alex's pregnancy has turned her soft The Railway: Keeping Britain On Track BBC2, 9pm This series about our national network was supposed to be on last week, but was unavoidably delayed joke.
But disturbance compensation will only be paid for items which are unavoidably incurred.
Summary: Prime Minister Najib Mikati told Iran's visiting deputy foreign minister that the fighting in Syria is unavoidably going to impact Lebanon.
He was unavoidably hit by two riders immediately following him.
Japan will unavoidably have diplomatic disputes with South Korea and China when Noda visits Yasukuni Shrine,'' the daily said.
He said that although lots of the new breed of Internet enterprises were achieving profits and robust revenues, unavoidably there would be such which would win and others which would lose in the race for the next gold mine.
The Games unavoidably are an attractive cyber target.
Converting to this approach after decades of chasing numbers for their own sake is unavoidably fraught with problems.
After a very jazzy overture (performed by Lynette Wahlstrom on piano, Chris Mitchell on flute and Peter Goddard on cello), performers Becca Topp, Geordie Brown and Iain MacNeil had to commit two murders over a century apart in a tight, Cleveland well-choreographed performance that was delightful, but unavoidably lacked emotional depth.