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Perhaps this change was just an accommodation to human nature; since the unawakened are bound to act unskillfully at some point, Mahayana Buddhists reshaped karma to be more tolerant of imperfection, provided that it was contained by piety.
Richard DeMartino argued endlessly that meditative ecstasy (samadhi) is but a temporary transcendence of the problematic structure of the unawakened self.
Unless you are an advanced Yoga practitioner or initiate, Kundalini lies coiled like a serpent, unawakened, in the base or root chakra of the Chakric system.
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As they lay close together, complete and beyond the touch of time or change, it was as if they were at the very centre of all the slow wheeling of space and the rapid agitation of life, deep, deep inside them all, at the centre where there is utter radiance, and eternal being, and the silence absorbed in praise: the steady core of all movements, the unawakened sleep of all wakefulness.
To put this from the opposite end, since awakened people say things we unawakened people don't understand and we don't understand what they say because what they say is illogical to us, e.
We are the unawakened, living our lives in a dream - a dream that will continue after death, then through life after life, until we truly awaken" (Fremantle, 2001, p.
This fades out to a scene of a woman asleep on the floor, who represents the dormant and unawakened anima.
Marjorie Garber's observation that in Antigonus's dream Hermione's "death" symbolizes Antigonus' "failure of belief, another instance of unawakened faith" (171) is relevant here.
For the literalist, the nativity may be viewed primarily as an incomprehensible miracle, but for a small sexually unawakened child, it is a story idealizing motherhood and birth, depicting God's love as it is found within the cold unwelcome domain of the human world.