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The study also found 46% of those surveyed were unaware the risk of developing dementia can be reduced.
Newly formed British challenger bank Aldermore on Tuesday reported new research which showed that the majority of British adults are unaware of important changes which could affect their savings habits.
A third (33 per cent) of women were also found to be unaware of mobile malware, which targets mobile devices, as opposed to 26 per cent of men.
Faye Fraser, practice manager at YourVets Coventry, said: "Some pet owners are unaware that human foods such as biscuits are not ideal food for their pets as the number of calories and sugar they contain make them as unhealthy as a Big Mac for your dog.
The Nuffield Health survey also reveals two in five are unaware eating less salt can lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and attacks.
Also in the Echo it illustrated how misguided people can be when you interview people in Cardiff city centre who seem unaware there has been peace because of the strength of Nato's armed forces and the nuclear capability of the USA and the UK.
BEIRUT: The wife of a Syrian man who was killed when a bomb exploded in his apartment north of Beirut told interrogators Wednesday she was unaware of her husband's activity with explosives.
The research from Axa Business Insurance revealed that a quarter of small business owners were unaware of the reduction in the rate of corporation tax and of those that said they were, only 13% could state the correct rate.
A study by AXA Business Insurance across more than 500 SMEs and micro SMEs in the UK suggests that many are unaware of the initiatives in place designed to help them.
London, Jan 12 ( ANI ): Lindsay Lohan's representative has claimed that the actress was not unaware of her unpaid tax dues.
Most of them are unaware that somewhere along the way, their fathers and mothers are no longer there with them and they are also unaware about the crisis all around.
Dubai The director of Dubai Diabetes Centre has urged diabetics to have regular eye screening EoAC" as many patients come to the centre unaware they have retinal damage.