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While they talked together, his face would kindle, unawares, and shine upon them, as with a mild evening light.
Those were slow, silent, often turbid; flowing over beds of mud into which the incautious wader might sink and vanish unawares.
The attack was so unprovoked that Stroeve, taken unawares, was defenceless.
The infantry regiments that had been caught unawares in the outskirts of the wood ran out of it, the different companies getting mixed, and retreated as a disorderly crowd.
When, at last, the man was set up facing the turn in the path where old Mombi was to appear, he looked natural enough to be a fair imitation of a Gillikin farmer, -- and unnatural enough to startle anyone that came on him unawares.
Lop-Ear, caught unawares, also hastily reversed, but did not win the protection of the trunk until after the Fire-Man had twanged the bow.
that while I purposed to hunt another, I am myself fallen unawares into the snares of death.
Mac opened his mouth to say something more, when a sneeze came upon him unawares, and a loud "Ah rash hoo
La, madam," says Sophia, "you come upon one so unawares, and on a sudden.
And behold, thereby came he unawares also to the gate of the GREAT CITY.
And he had been indeed caught unawares, and at the first moment when she spoke to him of her position, his heart had prompted him to beg her to leave her husband.
A very soft knock; and, by your leave, my lady, I may yet steal upon you unawares.