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Last July 2017, NAPOLCOM also dismissed Superintendent Ronald Gepana for conduct unbecoming.
What is unbecoming too is Trump's crude attempt to offer a denial that he ever uttered the expletive and insulting phrase.
18 killing of Arnaiz, 'we have recommended the dismissal from the service of PO1 Jeffrey Perez and PO1 Ricky Arquilita for grave misconduct and conduct unbecoming (of a police officer),' Triambulo said.
His vile comments concerning fellow human beings were unnecessary and unbecoming and will reverberate with concern within the boxing fraternity.
The Supreme Court hearing of Attorney-general Costas Clerides' request for the termination of deputy AG Rikkos Erotokritou on conduct unbecoming charges was concluded on Thursday but no decision was announced.
Modi irresponsible remarks in Bangladesh taking pride in India role in the breakup of Pakistan is most unbecoming, unfortunate and unwarranted to say the least, said the former president in a statement.
Arguing the dismissal, the Attorney general said that the conduct, actions and statements by the Deputy Attorney General between April 14 and 23, as well as in the handling of criminal cases regarding VAT, were unbecoming that imply conflict of interest.
At the end of the day, tdenigrate the electorate, whhas just spoken, within 4hours of the election, is unfotunate and unbecoming.
She rounds on critics of Kirklees for its appalling record of gritting so far this winter in the most inappropriate and unbecoming language.
Kelly Osbourne for speaking for a nation when she tweeted Katie Hopkins: "I know that what I am about to say is unbecoming of a lady & Im sorry to say this but I can't lie you are a massive #C***.
1954: Senator Joseph McCarthy, famous for his crusade against Communism, is censured for conduct unbecoming to a senator.
Had there been, we wouldn't have seen the public and unbecoming row that erupted last week.