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Was it unbefitting of Liverpool's stature to run Real Madrid close while Arsenal were blowing a three-goal lead against Anderlecht and Manchester City were losing to CSKA Moscow?
This unbefitting membership was certainly at odds with Prigov's sardonic dissident poems and oddball performances, one of which, 1986's Public Service Appeal, briefly landed him in a mental institution.
This approach inflicts enormous costs on the Argentine people and is unbefitting a G-20 partner and one-time leader of Latin America.
To ballyhoo the benefit of an unproven intervention is unbefitting of serious ethical debate, and so, too, is to deny out of hand the possibility of such benefits.
The book's main plot twist fails to satisfy, leaving a burbled resolution unbefitting of one of modern literature's greatest names.
The book's main plot twist fails to satisfy, leaving a burbled resolution quite unbefitting of one of modern English literature's greatest names.
Yet guidelines rendered meaningless by punishment unbefitting of the crime are fit only for the shredder.
His use of it is a smear unbefitting a serious historian.
He visibly shook in anger, screamed at reporters and lashed out at prosecutors for carrying out a witch hunt, a performance that many found shocking and unbefitting of a former president.
stolen property and behavior unbefitting of a soldier.
They called Assad "a killer, a tyrant, a snake," terms which Jumblat admitted in his AL JAZEERA interview "were unbefitting and unfair" to the Syrian leader.
The lawsuit must not be withdrawn on any cost, because in that unbefitting trade Macedonia would be left without any legal protection.