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The first booking I found very strange and the second was quite unbelievable.
GEORGIOS SAMARAS admits Greece had a nightmare start but swears the World Cup has been "an unbelievable dream".
To borrow the excitable Sky Sports cult figure's favourite watchword, their confession was unbelievable.
He said: "It's an unbelievable achievement and all the credit has to go to the players for their effort and hard work.
PSYCHOTIC compulsive liar Jill was on form last night, and made an unrepeatable, unbelievable accusation about what a 12-year-old Cub had done to her.
A WOMAN committed ``a crime of almost unbelievable cheek'' when she stole pounds 12,000 from the bank where she worked, a judge has said.
I can't believe that we can beat Germany 5-1 away, it seems like a dream, it's unbelievable.
Once adopted merchants will have the unbelievable capacity to call up check images or transaction signatures to respond to disputes, this by itself will save countless hours of record searches in response to charge-backs and disputes.
He is a quite unbelievable manager and it is a quite unbelievable club, and I was privileged to be there, that's the only thing I can say.
Danny, 30, of Dewsbury, said: "I have never had a hattrick before, so to get two in one game is just unbelievable.
That last drive that Eli had was unbelievable," Tynes said.
WALES boss John Toshack hailed two-goal hero Craig Bellamy's display in the rout of Slovakia as unbelievable.