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If Hitchens (one of the most important unbelievers of our own day) could be shrill, Muggeridge was shriller.
The believer finds out the right path, knows the truth and chalks out the course of life in the light of reality; the unbeliever chases one illusion after the other and gropes into the dark.
The opposite of this type, and the second largest group in size (33 percent of respondents), are the unknowing unbelievers.
17) Here again, rather than an apology against the unbeliever, Merton saw Anselm's so-called "ontological argument" for the existence of God as an opportunity for reasonable dialogue.
an unbeliever, another old crank in the long history
He supports the fact that questioning applies to the believer as well as to the unbeliever.
The essence of the big jihad is to overpower the unbeliever within you because every believer, no matter how sincere, carries the sinfulness inside, (16) as he carries part of the evil, from which it needs to get free of during his life on earth.
Greg Bahnsen (1948-95) states, "What does the unbeliever [person who rejects the biblical God] mean by 'good,' or by what standard does the unbeliever determine what counts as 'good' (so that 'evil' is accordingly defined or identified)?
Although they are not required to wear distinctive dress as in previous times, non-Muslim grocers are required to post their religious affiliation on the front of their shops lest some unwary Muslim stumble into a shop run by an unbeliever.
As Sarah Eltantawi writes, "We live in a time when an unbeliever of Muslim heritage feels the need to call herself or himself a Muslim, in the way Sartre said, 'In the face of anti-Semitism, I am a Jew.
Democracy, if I understand it at all, is a society in which the unbeliever feels undisturbed and at home.
Sure, it would be hard to be elected to higher office in America as an avowed unbeliever, but it would also be impossible for a socialist or a Mother Earth spritualist.