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When I took the steering-oar I had first to unbend her cramped fingers.
And this is the cause why many times men as well as women, and men of the greatest and best qualities other ways, yet have found themselves weak in this part, and have not been able to bear the weight of a secret joy or of a secret sorrow, but have been obliged to disclose it, even for the mere giving vent to themselves, and to unbend the mind oppressed with the load and weights which attended it.
Periodic humidity changes cause the bilayer to bend and unbend repeatedly -- meaning that changes in environmental humidity can be converted to mechanical work.
Animals should be released from rooms, one should unbend dogs, bring to the shed firewood and things that can float away; everything that can be spoiled by the water should be carried out from the basement, and get ready for evacuation", the agency advises.
A man, though wise, should never be ashamed of learning more, and must unbend his mind.
This will unbend the clip so it becomes a little wider.