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The only honest part of this dismal reality, for over a century, is the unbendable dignity and resistance of the Palestinian people and their current historical willingness to coexist in peace and mutual respect with those who displaced them and continue to dispossess and torment them.
They are unbendable, usually designed to be paid over the full term, so there are fees you have to pay in case you decide to get rid of your financial obligations fast.
Will was what Stilwell had, the absolute, unbreakable, unbendable determination to fulfill the mission no matter what the obstacles, the antagonists, or the frustrations.
The overly packed moist clay is almost unbendable but suitable for Ram pressing or jiggering which apply greater force to form moist clay.
In our own right, we have eluded sirens' voices, dodged the lotus eaters, tricked the drooling Cyclops, navigated past clashing rocks, entered the cave of winds and threaded arrows through impossible hoops with unbendable bows.
No one can deny that Ayn Rand was a figure of power, persuasion and unbendable will.
My erection was the otherworldy, unbendable sort that I used to get in high school.
Mitar is the paradoxical mix of power and gambling, hard to resist his wife's calls to reason, and unbendable to her warnings and the reminders of their children.
It is in this subconscious venue that people like Abdul-Karim Al-Khaiwani, Mohammed Miftah - now internationally renowned celebrities -- and many other Yemenis, who continue to stand by their unbendable and uncompressing yearning to be free, insist on fighting for.
Many of these Republican appointees are not moderates or pragmatists, but talented, unbendable conservatives.
Meet fish with unbendable cartilage skeletons and non-flying birds.
Lorelle recognized in herself a tendency to have definite opinions, a frequently unbendable will, and an impulse to "fix" whatever needed fixing; these characteristics, while useful in some ways, created particular challenges for her as a teacher and tutor, especially when a friend she wanted to help was involved.