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This is the same unbendable rule that makes a second term for Donald Trump a real specter.
Looking at them you would swear that they are unbendable by even the strongest shooter.
Politicised Whatever happened during Partition was inevitable because of the unbendable leadership.
The other speakers paid homage to Father of the Nation's constant and unbendable courage that had resulted the creation of Pakistan on world map on August 14, 1947.
It's easy for company policies and guidelines to be misunderstood as unbendable rules.
Taken with the mysterious properties of metal, which can turn from malleable to unbendable in an instant, Ryan began making creations for herself and family and friends.
If Hamas was already screwed before"--with Morsi's unbendable need for US financial aid trumping his and Hamas's shared Islamist agenda in the short term--"now it is double screwed," said Dr.
Too late, because the unbendable rule of a race is quite rightly that everyone on the starting line is entitled to the prize if they run within the rules and win.
Time and time again United proved unbendable in their negotiations, and they ended up with none of the marquee names that they tabled bids for.
Gooch's pride in Cook's achievement was obvious as his apprentice showed plenty of his own traits like concentration, stamina and an unbendable desire to lead by example.
Maybe a dose of Covey's unbendable belief in principles would not be such a bad thing.
All this is achieved through definitive teaching schedules, learning methods and some unbendable work plans.