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of shoes on the court above the crowd's unbent enthusiasm, his
Slide an unbent paper clip partway into each end of two straws.
The US attitude in regards to Qaddafi was unbent and clear, stated
He said that his party has never compromised national and masses interests and it was became possible due to unbent struggle of his party assisted by lawyers and civil society which assured the reinstatement of all deposed judges including CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.
Bulky, formidable and controlled, he suddenly unbent and revealed that every time he closed his eyes he saw the image of bodies falling from the twin towers in a desperate attempt to escape the flames.
unbent [Each letter contains a bend (compare unround) but the word is straight by definition.
He said: 'We are unfazed and unbent by some of the attacks we have had and every time we have faced a setback, we upped the ante.