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Besides issues regarding generalizability and unbiasedness of the results, the additional benefit of the HDPS compared to conventional methods is further not consistently reported in the literature.
Goodhart, McMahon and Ngama (1992) attributed the failure of the unbiasedness hypothesis in their study to the existence of outlier data and structural breaks.
Reffertt (1996), "Exogeneity and Forward Rate Unbiasedness," Journal of International Money and Finance 15(2): 267-274.
0 and CART decision tree algorithms were adopted together with the 10-fold cross validation method to improve the classification accuracy and unbiasedness.
Nonparametric tests of the unbiasedness of Olympic figure-skating judgments.
Systematic random sampling, which combines both the unbiasedness of random sampling and the efficiency of a systematic sampling, was used in our research.
More detail in the circumstances implies more precision in the space of opportunities faced by the individual but less variability in the samples with respect to statistical significance and unbiasedness.
Giving Jreij's words during the event, Sleiman explained that media responsibility "obliges us to approach national affairs with objectivity and unbiasedness to carry out the mission with trust and sincerity.
7) The regulatory measure constitutes that all relationships and circumstances must be unfolded when the unbiasedness of the recommendation is constrained, particularly when relevant persons 1) have a financial interest with respect to financial instruments which are outlined in recommendations or 2) underlie substantial conflicts of interest as a result of close ties with the evaluated company.
In particular, we are interested in his results about unbiasedness which are obtained by means of regressions of similar form to ours (Equation (10)) but independently for each country.
While providing useful gauge of economic activity in Lebanon, analysis reveals that statistical properties of these two coincident indicators -- such as accuracy and unbiasedness -- could be improved," the World Bank report said.
A simple regression model was estimated to understand the equilibrium relationship between futures and cash prices and to test the unbiasedness of futures price series to predict cash prices:(39,40,41)