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Unbiasedness is one of the desirable properties of a forecast.
Finally, we tested the unbiasedness hypothesis (Equation (6)).
The unbiased nature of a forecast series can be empirically verified based on the unbiasedness test proposed by Theil (1966) by regressing the survey expectational series on the respective realizations according to the realizations-forecast regression (RFR) equation below:
And economists have long used surveys of professional forecasters to test other features of macroeconomic models, such as the unbiasedness of statistical forecasting that is attributed to the market participants who inhabit those models.
In contrast to the results for the CPI, we found that all of the core PCE inflation measures possess the property of unbiasedness over the long sample period.
7 (a) Excluding the import of one frigate in 2006 (b) Level Table 2 Unbiasedness and uncorrelated forecast errors Horizon [alpha] [beta] p-value (b) CPI-ATE (st.
It seems likely that IV is not informationally efficient by statistical criteria and that the failure of unbiasedness and inefficiency are related.
Testing the unbiasedness hypothesis involves estimating the following relationship:
In order to assess whether test results for unbiasedness and predicti ve content for the later period are robust to this phenomenon, I also examine the period that begins with the appointment of Alan Greenspan as Fed Chairman.
All the way through I was impressed with the unbiasedness and genuine eagerness to help.
We also assess the unbiasedness of the going-concern and liquidation value estimates used in the study.
Kodres focuses on a correct test of the unbiasedness property in the foreign exchange market, taking into account the truncated data.