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The relative particle size distributions of PC, WSA, GGBS, PC and Sand used in the research were determined for the unblended states, using a bench top Malvern Mastersizer 2000 with Scirocco dry feed unit.
However, if the processor used the ethanol to make E85 (which would far exceed the renewable content requirement for gasoline), or used biodiesel to produce diesel fuel, it will have surplus RINs, which it can use to certify unblended gasoline, or sell to another producer to do the same.
The Maison Surrenne collection also includes a vintage Grande Champagne XO cognac aged 26 years, and Maison Surrenne 1946, an unblended, barrel-strength Grande Champagne cognac distilled in 1946 and aged 52 years prior to bottling.
Because they're acetal/elastomer blends, TPAs resist oily fluids while also providing around 10 times the Charpy impact strength of unblended acetal.
This memorable spirit was pot distilled entirely from California semillon grapes, matured in oak for 16 years and bottled unblended.
She provided background on the Ardmore Studio, but allowed students to deduce the salient qualities of Ardmore work: the combination of sculptural and functional forms with bright, unblended colors and decorative patterns.
The unblended resins were also subjected to the same procedure to give them the similar thermo-mechanical history as the blends.
The compounds and techniques used to manufacture these unblended fibers have improved greatly in recent years to make them more stable and resistant to stretch.
The unblended fuel can be used in existing diesel engines with no engine modifications required and also can be upgraded into ultra-clean, high quality synthetic jet fuel.
Monomaterial (unfilled) plastics or unblended and crystalline polymers will be favoured," she said.
2% abv, Tungi is potent and the strap line 'Enjoy the rich smooth flavour of pure unblended Prickly Pear Spirit' is accurate.