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She was naturally ungodly, but had moments, when she felt unblessed, cursed and sighing for redemption, whereby she meant death, the transformation into a chrysalis and into a butterfly.
It may not happen often, but it is worth a try, so I will with some residual childhood fear and trepidation suggest some of God's "wounded" untended and unblessed places and their resultant "neglected selves.
Not only does she front a mean version of "Hot Pants," Siegel does some double duty as Woodpy, the genetically unblessed of Snoopy's two offspring.
Prop' by Kathryn Gray:When you take again the stoop down to dark, blood will beat like the engine room, where, once, unblessed, hard men broke their backs on the six day week.
to his professional moniker), there is more at stake than a single show unblessed by one art-world royal.
But the desert seems like a long way to travel in a month unblessed by long weekends.
Wagnerian in its themes of passion and possession, magic and death, but more chamber-scaled--a sort of shtetl Liebestod--it was also a story of splits and fusions, spirits unsettled and sexual energies unblessed.
BABY PINKSTAR Vs BONNY TYLER: Total Eclipse Of The Heart Bonny's doing a duet with someone unblessed with an even hoarser voice than hers - and that takes some doing.
Tormented dualities and unblessed beginnings, and endings, are still nourishment for the spirit.
To make things worse for traditionalists, Parker feeds the superstardom of men like Mondavi by conferring legitimacy on wines unblessed by old world pedigree.
Young Banks: Ungirt, unblessed, says the proverb; but my girdle shall serve a riding knot, and a fig for all the witches in Christendom
In medieval belief, there were many ways a demon could enter the body, sometimes via so seemingly innocuous a vehicle as an unblessed lettuce leaf eaten by a careless nun.