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It may not happen often, but it is worth a try, so I will with some residual childhood fear and trepidation suggest some of God's "wounded" untended and unblessed places and their resultant "neglected selves.
We hurry through the house of Freud, rest our eyes on the red chaise lounge and don't discuss our fury loosed on those the war unblessed.
Incrementally, tortuously, unnecessarily, she was unblessed by tiny fragments of memory.
Helping the poor souls unblessed with Java-coding skills is the cherry atop the sundae that is the techno-elite lifestyle.
Secular power keeps you on your secular toes unblessed by holy power a patriarch's hold.
They'd been worrying for days about what the unblessed choir might be singing, and had bent their proud heads to ask; but most had replied `I dunno, probably thingummyjig'.
Germany, Switzerland and Sweden (rich countries luckily unblessed with oil resources) have been in the forefront of energy conservation and the great symbolic building of German unity had to be an example of how a decent country can run itself without destroying the planet.
Either make the boundaries flexible enough - cut off the chain that has bound them together, and allow the connection to exist on a metaphoric level - or reassert the group identity based on being the unblessed, the oppressed, cutting the blessed individual out of the loop.
Sandys ends his account by saying, "and so I must leave to the merciful cure of God, an unblessed and forsaken people, obstinate within, and scandalized without, indefatigable in their expectations [presumably of the Messiah], untractable in persuasion, worldly, yet wretched, received of their enemies, but despised and hated, scattered over all countries, but no where planted, daily multiplying in number, but to the increase of their servitude, and not of their power.
Even the more populist expanded IRA is likely to leave the bottom two-thirds of taxpayers essentially unblessed by its benefits.
The hundreds bringing divorce cases may represent thousands who saw no need to, being settled in new partnerships unblessed by marriage.
Well, then, I must go unblessed,' siad Luigi cheerfully.