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Don DeNevi, Front Camp to Combat: For Japanese-Americans, WWII Was a Two-Front War, ARMY TIMES, July 3, 2006, [section] 7, at 37 (reviewing ASAHINA, supra note 1) (asserting that Just Americans is "history as it should be published: an exceptionally well-written narrative that has a certainty to it, if not outright passionate, unblushing partisanship for the Japanese-American GI, viewed against the backdrop of prejudice and racial injustice"); Jonathan Mahler, G.
It nevertheless should be clear that the administration's initiative amounts to an unblushing return to the regional strategy that President Bush and Ms.
But, of course, we now know that the unblushing groom was in love - but not with the young woman he was about to marry.
14) Equally, I could instance the honesty and originality of historians such as John O'Malley, who has revolutionized our understanding of his own Society of Jesus, or of the courageously iconoclastic work of the Carmelite historian Richard Copsey on the Carmelites' unblushing remolding of their origins and history.
Similarly Lewis says in "The Weight of Glory" we are too easily pleased on earth--content with making mud pies and sex--when what awaits us in heaven are "the unblushing promises of reward"
Justice Rehnquist saw in the critical-mass objective an unblushing attachment to group rights in the form of "a carefully managed
These men most closely approximate Goffman's unblushing male (Goffman, 1963), who by virtue of their race, class, age, marital status, able-bodiness, and personal history become defined as normative or at least analytically centered.
What Fame did was subject its young supporters and their - I hope - shocked parents to a song that went on for several minutes under the unblushing label of Can't Keep It Down.
Indeed, if we consider the unblushing promises of reward and the staggering nature of the rewards promised in the Gospels, it would seem that our Lord finds our desires not too strong but too weak.
The wholesale and unblushing theft by the Germans of the cattle of the Hereros was one of the primary causes which led to the Herero rebellion of 1904.
Considering her unblushing presentations of sex motifs elsewhere, why did not Efrati (pp.
Celebrating the intricacies of womanhood and all of the complexities it presents to millions of women everyday, BERMAN & BERMAN is a revolutionary series by, for and about women that embraces the subject of sexual health with unblushing frankness and empowers women to lead fuller, more satisfied lives.