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The Ypsilanti Yagerites [sic] with unblushing foreheads, encouraged by the High Class Monthlies, carried matters so far that as a man of family, with growing sons and daughters, I could no longer admit the Family Press to my home.
D]ictates of reason and utility are the results of circumstances which requires genius to discover, strength of mind to weigh, and patience to investigate: the language of natural rights require[s] nothing but a hard front, a hard heart and an unblushing countenance.
That has meant having to deal with unblushing troglodytes like Senators Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman, to get the requisite number to pass his healthcare bill, because not getting a bill passed, was not an option for this President.
The Oxford Dictionary of Popes describes John XXIII - elected Pope in May, 1410, during the Great Schism - as " an unscrupulous, grasping and ambitious man as well as an unblushing libertine.
Carolyn stands behind the bar, unblushing at the frequent ribaldry, as swift with the wisecracks as she is with handing out the halves of cider.
been the fer de lance in the shanghaiing of Haywood, was an unblushing vendor of such services.
The show, based on the 1980 movie comedy, is set in 1979, in the antediluvian days before the business world gave up typewriters, Rolodexes, and unblushing sexism.
The worst shows up in Ackroyd's occasional recourse to meaningless guff to bulk out the text ('Those who dream by the river may dream of the future as well as of the past'; 'We come from, and return to, the water') and in an unblushing dependence upon material provided by two (gratefully acknowledged) researchers.
This unblushing gerrymander made the Seventh District so large that it stretched from the Dakota border to the heart of Minneapolis.
Don DeNevi, Front Camp to Combat: For Japanese-Americans, WWII Was a Two-Front War, ARMY TIMES, July 3, 2006, [section] 7, at 37 (reviewing ASAHINA, supra note 1) (asserting that Just Americans is "history as it should be published: an exceptionally well-written narrative that has a certainty to it, if not outright passionate, unblushing partisanship for the Japanese-American GI, viewed against the backdrop of prejudice and racial injustice"); Jonathan Mahler, G.
It nevertheless should be clear that the administration's initiative amounts to an unblushing return to the regional strategy that President Bush and Ms.
But, of course, we now know that the unblushing groom was in love - but not with the young woman he was about to marry.